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Finally, a numbers and sense solution to high and rising utility bills!
Be green and save green with solar power from American Vision Solar:

  • Expert Installation
  • Immediate and monthly savings on your current electric bill! For 25 years!
  • Guaranteed Power Production! For 25 years!


Solar energy isn’t just about lowering emissions; it’s about lowering expenses.

Whatever your home situation, tax bracket, or way of life, you can benefit from solar energy.

American Vision Solar is dedicated to finding the right system for your home.  Bills can be tough, and we want to make yours go down next month.  We believe that solar energy is the future; let’s get you there first.

Is it really worth it? Why should I prioritize this?

To the first question, we say unequivocally yes. To the second, let us pose another question to you.

Are you investing in your kid’s education? In your retirement?Your dream destination?

What if you were taking half of your energy bill a month and funneling it into savings?  What if we said that you could increase your quality of life by decreasing your costs?

Does it sound like a priority now? We thought so.

Society put the man on the moon, and now we are putting the sun in your living room. The sun has 5,000 times more energy than humanity requires. That’s quite an unlimited energy resource! Think about having that kind of capability at the flick of a light switch.  Your house can literally be a beacon of the strongest power source in our solar system. Pretty exhilarating, right?

Yet, this isn’t just about some grandiose achievement of mankind.  American Vision is a business that appreciates being able to accomplish good for the environment, but that’s not our main reason for pushing solar energy.

We are doing it to increase your quality of life, and we are doing it to increase your grandchildren’s quality of life.  Essentially, solar power lets you invest in the future by spending less money.  This means that you can bring a better tomorrow through a rewarding today.

Let’s make your life better.

Let’s harness the sun together.

We started American Vision in 2000 with a singular mission—-to revolutionize the home improvement industry, one customer at a time, by putting our client’s interests first. 30,000 happy customers later, we’re assuming we’ve done something right. Not all of these customers are solar customers; but many of our window customers are making the move to solar. And they’re calling us. Whether it’s a window, door, or solar panels, you want the project done right the first time. We treat your home like it’s our own.

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